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Songs: Wonderfully Brilliantly You

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I love the way you smoke on buses and swear in libraries, and dance like someone's whizzed-up grandma unselfconsciously.
The way that people who don't know you always think they do, that's what makes you wonderfully brilliantly you.
I love the way that when you're drunk you waddle like a duck. I love the way you wind up people and don't give a fuck.
The way you'll tell a crowded room you've just been to the loo, that's what makes you wonderfully brilliantly you.
You've got a chip on your shoulder, you've got egg on your face. You're full of beans, you're like a coffee machine, but you never eat breakfast because you're always late for work.
The way that all your friends look like they're exiles from a zoo, that's what makes you wonderfully brilliantly you.

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

Once long ago i tried to write a ROCK OPERA as a way of using up old songs, but instead wrote some new ones like this. The idea was that, after Our Heroine has been laid into by loads of people for being a Bad Daughter (Ring Your Mother), Our Hero pops up and sings this at her.

I'd forgotten all about that, I must say, and I only know it now to tell you because it was in some old old notes I wrote at the time. It wasn't a very good idea, but this turned out to be quite a nice little song.

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