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Songs: The Pebble And The Boulder

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Consider the Pebble, and the Boulder. Consider, my friends, the Pebble. And the Boulder. Hallelujah Haaallelujah Let us Pray. Consider if you will the Pebble and the Boulder. The Pebble, rushing through the sea of life, carried hither and thither by the flurries and the eddies. Always flying, never finding. Beaten across the rocks, dashed by waves as it dashes THROUGH the waves. Is this your life? Is this not how you live your life? Tell me friend, does this not appear familiar? Does this not strike a CHORD? Do you find yourself cast from rock to rock, greeted by nothing but dashed hopes? Do you not Pray To TheLORD for another way? Do you not search ceaselessy for a different path? Well search no further my friend, for there is another way. There IS another way.

Be more like the boulder than the pebble in the sea
It will make life easier, I know because it worked for me

Consider the Pebble and the Boulder. Consider the boulder, lying steadfast on the ocean floor. Unmoveable. Unbreakable. Gently caressed over the years by the seas of time, changing, adapting, always the same but yet, somehow, always different. This is not WEAKNESS my friend! Thisis not IDLENESS! This is STRENGTH! The strength to be itself whilst all about are mere pebbles. Yay, Pebbles, hurling themselves against the boulder, harming nought but themselves sacrificing their own fragile essence before the MIGHT of the mighty boulder.
Be more like the boulder than the pebble in the sea. It will make life easier, I know because it worked for me.
AND WHICH ARE YOU? And which are you? Which are you my friend, which are you? Are you the pebble? IS THAT WHO YOU ARE? A Pebble? IS THAT WHO YOU ARE? Or the boulder? Is that who you are? ARE YOU MY FRIEND? IS THAT WHO YOU ARE? HARKEN TO ME! HARKEN TO ME NOW!

Be more like the boulder than the pebble in the sea
It will make life easier, I know because it worked for me

AND WHICH ARE YOU? The Pebble, or the boulder? The Pebble or the boulder? The Pebble or the boulder? AND WHICH ARE YOU?

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

John Lennon ripped the idea for "Tomorrow Never Knows" off of The Tibetan Book Of The Dead. I, however, ripped most of the THEME from this off of The Tao of Pooh.

It's the only song on Say It With Words where the whole Big Band plays at once, and it felt GIGANTIC - we only played it with everyone properly twice, once at Abbey Park and once a few hours before them in practice. At Abbey Park it was a bit of a mess as we were SO VERY DRUNK but early on when 13 of us had crammed into a tiny practice room it sounded AMAZING.

Vocals are provided by Mr Matthew Whitaker, former Board Member of Artists Against Success, in his Wandrin' Allstar GUISE. He was well into the KLF and the theory of dance music at the time and was expecting to spend hours, i think, doing the vocals word by word, so was a bit shocked when he did his first run throught and I said "GRATE! that's IT!"

It was only after we'd recorded the song that we realised that Tom's violin riff is the same as that song by Bananarama. I was surprised, as I thought I'd nicked the idea from "Venus And Mars" ...

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