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Songs: The Mind Cannot Conceive Of Another Season

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I cannot believe
When the leaves are on the trees
That I'll ever have a need to wear a big black jumper
Cos from now on it's gonna be forever summer

And when seasons change
And the winter comes round again
I'll always wonder where did all the daylight go to
When I'm popping out at nine o'clock to nip down my local

Because my mind cannot comprehend
That the summer time is every going to end

But the reverse is so
And when I'm knee deep in sleet and snow
It'd take a Polar Bear to make me take my coat off
I'm as ready for a fire as a sixth form sofa

And if you said to me
I'll go to work in a shirt named "t"
I would label you a lying lunatic with violence
And refuse to recognise that there was ever a time when

My mind could not comprehend
That the summer time was every going to end

The mind cannot conceive of another season
(the mind cannot conceive of another season)
And that's a bit like life
No, actually, that is life.
Oh yeah.

Every winter will soon be summer
(the mind cannot conceive of another season)
And every summer will soon be winter
(the mind cannot conceive of another season)

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This is another from the occasional series "Things I Always Go On About In The Pub" as it is a thing that I always go on about in the pub, how in winter you can never imagine it ever being warm enough to go to work just wearing a t-shirt, and in summer you look at all your jumpers and think "What did I ever buy these for?" These THORTS are all in the song, what ISN'T is the last verse - originally I intended to move on and say that, similarly, when you are in a TROUGH of life you can never imagine being happy again, and when happy the thought of DOOM never occurs to you. However, when I got to the bit "that's a bit like liiiiife..." (NB: Revd. Lionel Blair) I realised that, no, seasons changing isn't like life, it is life. Hence the song stops. It was meant to sound a bit Motowny, but didn't.

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