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Songs: The Millionaire Footballer

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The papers said it's a disgrace
When they saw the size of his wage
And questions were asked in the Upper House
About curtailing how much he gets paid
But they'd never ever think to look
At how much their kind pays themselves
For contributing so much less
Towards the sum of human happiness

Because the millionaire footballer
Cannot deserve all that
Because the millionaire footballer
Is far too working class

It makes no jot of difference
Who he knows or where he went to school
His earnings and his employer's earnings are dependent how well they do
Who his father was has no bearing upon how well he'll play
And your performances are audited every single Saturday

The millionaire footballer
Earnt everything he has
The millionaire footballer
Is hated by the ruling class
Because the millionaire footballer
Is everything they're not
The Millionaire footballer
Must be stopped

They'll pick upon his sex life
Which compared to theirs is mild
And they'll mock his taste in clothes and friends
Whilst braying with their tribe
And they'd rather watch the rugby
Where they're never surrounded by
The throng of working men and women
Who they utterly despise

If you don't have the taste or decency to be born into wealth
Don't dare to have a dream and chase it, and don't you dare do well
The Millionaire footballer
Must be put back in his place
Or the millionaire footballer
Could kick down the state
Because the Millionaire footballer
Is a bad example to the rest
If the power of the Premiership is challenged
God knows who might be next

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

Pretty much all of the other song's I've done so far for FAWM have been brand new ideas - largely things lying around the house - but this is a subject I've been a) banging on about in the kitchen b) banging on about in the pub c) wanting to write a song about for AGES. Now i have!

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