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Songs: The Last Homo Sapien

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The entire human race has evolved
Into sexy intellectuals with seventeen toes
X-ray ears and an extra set of knees
Everybody that is except for me
I'm the last homo sapien

Halitosis and cirrhosis have all been cured
Appendicitis was a thing - it's not any more
They only way left in the galaxy
You can catch a cold or an STD
Is from the last homo sapien

I'm the last subscriber to Puzzler Magazine
I'm the very last viewer of ITV
I'm the final Michael Buble fan
I'm the last homo sapien

They don't need sleep so they don't go to bed
They're all clones so they don't have sex
They have pills instead of chips
Being evolved sounds like it's
No fun - for homo sapiens

I'm the last homo sapien

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

Whenever I see an opportunity to WRITE something for telly or radio or suchlike I always think "I really should have a go at that", but usually don't get the time to get round to it. So when I saw that Matt Lucas (off of Little Britain) was making a new science-fiction sketch show called "2525" that had an open submissions policy I thought, as above, "I really should have a go at that" but then DID.

For LO! it struck me that a sketch show COULD have musical items in it, and so rather than struggling to write SKETCHES, something which I hadn't done in earnest for DECADES, I decided to write some songs. This was my first effort and, probably, my favourite. I'd been reading a lot of post-apocalyptic sci-fi at the time, so this flowed out quite easily. I was especially pleased with the verse about diseases, also the fact that it mentions Puzzler!

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