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Songs: Stan

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(original by Eminem)

Way way back in 2001 Sheffield University Students' Union BANNED this song from all their venues. I was booked to PLAY there soon so, being contrary, I decided to LEARN it and PLAY it, preparing myself for CONTROVERSY and NOTORIETY!

As it happened the gig passed without incident - my entire set was COMPLETELY ignored, except for a security guard who MIGHT have glanced in my direction when this song started. Or he might have just been bored, looking around. None of the students paid the slightest attention, only ENGAGING with the gig when a German Exchange Student borrowed my guitar later on to belt out some heavy metal cover versions.

We recorded an acoustic version of it around the end of the sessions for our first album (I think) and plonked it SECRETLY onto the end of the Milk And Baubles EP - SECRETLY because I wasn't sure how to licence it properly! We also learned up a Validators version, and STARTED playing it as an encore at Emma's first gig at The Bull & Gate... but the soundman pulled the plug, so we had to stop!

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