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Songs: Someone Else's Turn

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To all my middle-aged pre-Monday moaners
Sitting on Facebook demanding
"Where are all the Protest Singers?"
Where have you looked?

You won't find them on Jools
You won't see them on Magic
Or performing on reunion tours of

They're out playing places
You and I don't want to go
Talking in a language
That they don't want us to know

And that's OK
It's always been this way
We all have to learn
It's someone else's turn

It's someone else's turn

Here's an inconvenient truth
The toilet venues of our youth
Are more use to us
Now they are gastrobpubs

Every scene must finish
The torch is never passed
They are all Luke Skywalker
And we've become their dad

And that's all fine
To everything a time
What we built must burn
It's someone else's turn

It's someone else's turn

Do you remember being young
And hating old gits?
We couldn't stand their boring songs
We wanted our own music
We danced at our discos
Not at theirs
And when their clubs closed down
We didn't care

But that's OK
They were in our way
They had to learn
It's someone else's turn

And now today
The turntables have changed
As far as we're concerned
It's someone else's turn

It's someone else's turn

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

Over the years many of my songs have been formed from Things I Always Say In The Pub. For instance, 'The Lesson Of The Smiths' was something I ALWAYS said when people would complain about bands based purely on their fans, which made it easy to write as I'd already got my Devastating Argument worked out.

This song is very much one of those, having come about over years of me getting annoyed with people my age who have absolutely NO self-awareness whatsoever, and can't see that them MOANING ON about how today's bands are not exactly the same as they were 20 years ago is PRECISELY the reaction they hated so much when, 20 years ago, old gits said it to them. It's also infuriating when idiots say, as in the song, "where are all the protest singers" when they haven't BEEN to a gig for about a decade. OR INDEED when petitions get started up to save pubs and clubs that The Kids Today would not want to go anywhere near.

GET OUT OF THE WAY is what I want to shout, IT IS, to coin a phrase, SOMEONE ELSE'S TURN!

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