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Songs: Rocking Out (but quietly)

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Everyone's acoustic now
Bringing down the noise
Cos if you go up to eleven
The neighbours get annoyed
Rock stars in the spare room
World tours in the flat
We're rocking out, but quietly
Please don't clap

The Marshall amps are mothballed
The drumkits are in the loft
Your flatmates would complain if you
Blew the roof right off
And if you know the chorus
Please do not join in
My girlfriend's in the next room
And the walls are really thin

But like Club Tropicana
The drinks here are for free
The parking is convenient
The buffet's all you can eat
I've got the same size audience
As Beyonce or Drake
when you're rocking out, but quietly
We're all on the main stage

So I'll meet you at the aftershow
At your place, and mine
Where we're serving cocktails made up with
Whatever we can find
We're rock stars in the spare room
World tours sat inside
We're rocking out, but quietly
And we'll see you on the other side

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

When I was contacted to be part of a Coronavirus Compilation show I was asked to do a short song that was generally positive. I did "I Come From The Fens", which is definitely both those things, but was told that they actually wanted something with a link to The Current Situation. I suggested the revised version of "Mental Judo" that I did for the first Totally Acoustic Vodcast, but then WORRIED in case they wanted me to change the words or something "to fit the brief", so decided to write ANOTHER song as well.

This is that song! It is very much based on the practical need to write something that I could legitimately SING quietly!

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