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Songs: Pylons Are GRATE

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When the Romans proposed that they build the viaduct
The local parish Council said no thank you very much
Our decision on planning permission is denied
It'll ruin all our views of the ancient countryside

But the Romans didn't care. They built it anyway.
And as centuries passed everyone agreed:
Viaducts are GRATE

When the mains electrical voltage was standardised
And plans for the National Grid were first devised
Sir Reginald Blomfield chose a Milliken Brothers Design
To carry the power to the people across the sky

Benign giants supplying us with energy
There'll come a time when everyone will see:
Pylons are GRATE

In the 27th Century Commitees will be set up
To oversee the preservation of the nation's greatest love
Titanic symbols of the time when everyone was first
Connected to a national electrical network

And none of our descendants will believe
There was a time when not everyone agreed
Pylons are bloody GRATE

History will be my judge
They've been really good
Like the Viaduct
Time will make them loved

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

I REALLY like Pylons - I love to see them STALK across the hills in majestic silence, and I think it's brilliant to see them when they suddenly appear in the middle of suburbs, I just think they're amazing slices of engineering that represent the need to get power to EVERYONE, but which people just idly slag off because, right, anything man made in a natural landscape must be a BAD thing, right?

I was going to bring Cooling Towers into it too, as they song was started off by seeing some pylons and cooling towers on the news this morning, but that's probably something for a whole other song.

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