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Songs: Post-Jazz Prog-Rock Virgin

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It must be great to be so thin, and have such interesting skin.
Your haircut and your make-up make me really quite impressed
By the wonders of your wardrobe and the stupid way you dress.
Post-Jazz Prog-Rock Virgin, I thought you were too smart to be impressed with mediocrity
Post-Jazz Prog-Rock Virgin, people who look strange are always doing it because they're boring.
Go fetch my wizard hat, because you can't look more like a twat
If you're intellectually satisfied with the wankings of Post-Rock
You might as well go the whole hog and become a fucking Goth
Post-Jazz Prog-Rock Virgin, no need to have opinions if you can effect indifference
Post-Jazz Prog-Rock Virgin, monosyllabularity denotes no personality
You like dull music for dull minds Dreary droning dreadful pointless shite
It has to be repetitive, you'd not be able to cope with more than one idea a night
Post-Jazz Prog-Rock Virgin, get out while there's still time to go and find a life
What stories will they tell of you? Will anyone remember you?
Or will they just remember how you looked?

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

There was a phase in Leicester of promoters booking terrible awful shite ridden post-jazz bands, all of whom thought they were being REALLY CLEVER by wanking furiously and pointlessly with a detuned guitar and AMAZINGLY were allowed to get away with it by the feckless pillocks who came to watch it. Personally i didn't like it.

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