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Songs: Pancake Day

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On Pancake Day there's a feeling of such magic in the air
Everyone comes together everywhere
Rich or poor
It's a time when we can feel we all belong
I'm sure
That nothing will go wrong

On Pancake Day
You can see the children racing down the street
I repeat
It's a chance for all to meet
And those who say
That nothing ever changes on this day
Are wrong
That's the message of our song

Pancake Day
Let me hear you say
Pancake Day
All the wonder of pancake day

On Pancake Day
Flour power's all-pervading purity
Will be
Showing everyone the way
On Pancake Day
The sugar helps the medicine go down
Golden brown
It's a time for thoughts profound

Pancake Day
Let me hear you say
Pancake Day
All the wonder of pancake day

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

There are lots of songs about Christmas Day, New Year's Day and Valentine's Day, but there are no songs whatsoever about Pancake Day.


This Pancake Day (Tuesday March 5) John Dredge and The Plinths will right this wrong by releasing a brand new single entitled, appropriately enough, 'Pancake Day'. It's a celebration of excessive batter consumption, and features a dance performed in the accompanying video by amateur terpsichorean John Dredge (you had to look that up, didn't you).

'I personally guarantee that the Pancake Dance will burn off any and all additional calories incurred from eating pancakes,' says alternative nutritionist Dredge. 'Unless you eat loads,' he adds.

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