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Songs: Let's Leave Our Jobs And Move To London

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Hey validators! (what?) I reckon we have got
To try and do things a little bit different
If we want to be free from this Conference League
We need to make a bigger commitment
Because we're in the same room once in a blue moon
And even then we're usually drinking (well, you are)
So I've come up with a plan for the good of the band
I think you're going to like what I'm thinking

Let's leave our jobs and move to London
Let's go and be where it's all happening
Let's go and live in a squat in Camden
And leave our jobs and move to London

We'll have a clapped out van that'll keep breaking down
When we're on the way to gigs
We'll have a graffitti banner a pen and a clipboard
To record our mailing list
We'll smoke Marijuana, not watch telly
And let personal hygiene deteriorate
Write songs about underground stations, stay up past midnight
It's gonna be bloody GRATE

When we leave our jobs and move to London
We're gonna be where it's all happening
We're gonna live in a squat in Camden
When we leave our jobs and move to London

Mind you, Frankie's got a season ticket at Pride Park
And his lad'd be disappointed if they didn't go
And I don't think there's many babysitters in Camden
At least, not that Tim and Emma know
The Tiger's getting double glazing put in
But me? Yeah, I'm ready any time
Find me a squat with Central Heating and BT Broadband
And I'm there as soon as the others are ready

On that day we'll move to London
Just not yet, too much is happening
I'll meet you in our squat in Camden
When we leave our jobs and move to London

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

As I write these here notes do please bear in mind that I've yet to actually sing this song ALOUD all the way through, let alone actually play it! The words were written this morning (23/4/7) after going to sleep last night with the chorus in my head. Verses two and three were pretty much worked out on the tube into town with verse one being formulated walking from Chancery Lane to my office, so they may change slightly when i actually TRY them.

Anyway, the idea for the song came from discussions with The Validators about forthcoming practices and recording sessions, which have been proving problematic, as we're all grown-ups with Responsibilities which tend to take precedence over ROCK. The TUNE comes from our version of "Dress Sexy At My Funeral", by Smog, which we worked out to play at the International Smog Day gig yesterday - basically, our version sounds NOTHING like the original, but I rather liked what we were doing so thought I'd have a go at writing some new words. That is what I did, and this is the result!

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