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Songs: I've Pulled

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Ladies would you mind
If my friend and I
Came and sat with you and shared a drink or two?

I think that you'll be pleased
With our company
You'll find us recommended by the DTI

And this is your lucky night
You are priveliged to meet
A former admiral of the fleet
And my friend's a pilot, just flew in from Baghdad overnight

I must say I'm impressed
But then why are you dressed
Like two townie lads whose mums buy all their clothes?

My friend and I don't think
We'll let you buy us drinks
We're used to sweet champagne at Paris Fashion Shows

Ah, so that's where I knew your face
I should've known it by your bodies
You are two new supermodels
I am stunned to find two such goddesses within this place

Well, it looks like I've pulled
Like I said I would
It looks like lady luck has played her hand again

I'm leaving you on your own
I think we're going home
So you be careful if you meet any strange men

WOMAN 2 Don't panic I'll be fine
Let's be honest this is not
The first time I've been on my tot
I'll be all right, just you run along and have a lovely time

You'll have to excuse my friend
He was exaggerating
I'm not a fighter pilot
And he's not in the navy
But I am glad that we have
Met you two lovely ladies
It's been quite awful because
I have met no-one lately

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This was written for my Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time ROCK OPERA (mind you, there is no OTHER kind of ROCK OPERA) and was supposed to be the bit where the male HERO met the female HERO in the company of their two not very nice friends. It's not very good.

The reason it survives here is because it was part of the Select-A-B-Side competition for Shed Anthems. I asked a SELECT BUNCH of people I knew to pick their favourite songs from my solo back catalogue which had never been re-recorded, and a couple of people chose this one, so it went into the list. I suspect MISCHIEF was at hand!

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