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Songs: I Knew It'd Happen To You (because it happened to me)

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You are arriving home alone
Less in hope than desperation
Pressing 1471 on the phone

She, she didn't ring you up
So you might as well say Sod It
Come and spend another night in the pub

I knew this would happen to you
But you would not see
Because I knew it'd happen to you because it happened to me

We are on the same side now
Because we've both been made a fool of by the same
Deceitful conniving cow

Yeah, we're two peas in a pod
You're a miserable bugger
And I'm a twisted bitter old sod

I knew this would happen to you
Why would you not see?
Because I knew it'd happen to you because it happened to me

Friends say I should grow up
Try and not to look so pleased
But you must allow a bitter man
His bit of victory

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

Being DEAD SENSITIVE and ARTISTIC I can often be found sat in the corner of the pub with a notepad casting a WRY EYE upon the doings of my fellow man, as this is one of the results of it. In this song I was particularly chuffed with the RHYMES as I felt them to be good, especially finally managing to get 1471 into a song, and there's a cunning G right at the end that makes it sound a bit Beatley. In my head, anyway.

Years later the chorus is still stuck in my head - it will be recycled one day!

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