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Songs: Goodbye To Great Britain

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Goodbye to Great Britain
Adieu to the UK
We're sorry that you're leaving
And we just wanted to say

Thank you for the memories
Of all those groovy gigs
We're know you won't be touring much
After you've Brexitted

So goodbye to Great Britain
Auf Wiedersehn the Brits
What will we do when we're deprived
Of British Indie hits?

Who will make us shuffle
Clumsily on the dancefloor?
Who will claim it's Baggy
When it just sounds like The Doors?

Goodbye to Great Britain
Take down the Union Jack
We'll see you in ten years or so
When you come crawling back

So goodbye to Great Britain
We will raise a pint to you
We'll miss you but we'll see you
When you rejoin the EU

Goodbye to Great Britain
Thanks for all the songs
We'll see you when we see you but
Please don't make it too long

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

The organisers of the Cologne Popfest asked me if I could give a PRIZE for their fundraising raffle after the 2020 event got cancelled, so I had a think and offered The Writing Of A Song (by me!). The winner was Mr Stephan Dietrich who suggested I write a song from the EU persepctive saying goodbye to the UK on the eve of Brexit, which he could then use in a PODCAST what he was doing. I thought it was an excellent idea, and this was the result!

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