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Songs: Gillette Soccer Saturday

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Watching Television
On Saturday afternoon
I've got a lot of channels
On my Duovision Freeview
But we haven't got a package
For any Movies or for Sport
So there is only one choice
If you want the latest score:

It's Gilette Soccer Saturday

Presented by Jeff Stelling
with a panel of expert views
They've got reporters all around the country
Passing on the latest news
But you never see live action
You only get verbal reports
If you want to see what's happening
You need to subscribe to Sky Sports

Not Gilette Soccer Saturday

Watching people watching television
Hearing the excitement of the game
Feeling second hand all the emotion
Isn't every other show the same?

As Gilette Soccer Saturday

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

I tried to do the music a bit differently for this one, JAMMING with MYSELF (whoo!) on the four track using keyboards - it's a quicker way to work something up, but blimey it takes a lot longer to stick it together and mix!

The words came about from me and my The Picture On My Screen watching Gillette Soccer Saturday yesterday which, for those who don't know, is the cheapo Freeview TV show which lets you watch other people watching Pay Channel football and telling you what's happening. It's addictive!

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