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Songs: Facebook Manifesto

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Gonna write an open letter
Gonna put it on my Facebook page
Gonna take a lotta scrolling
Cos I got lotta things to say
I'm a man on a mission
Everybody's gonna listen
To my points of view
Got a Facebook manifesto
Go tell Zuckerberg the news

I've got suggestions for elections
Go out and vote
A petition for a pub I used to sit in
That must never close
Advise for young adults
About their A Level results
I'm gonna tell them what to do
Got a Facebook manifesto
I'm gonna send it to you

Facebook Manifesto
The day you said yes to
My friendship request you
Set forth on a quest to

Facebook manifesto
Has it been spellchecked? No!
Where did my lunchbreak go?
Facebook manifesto

I'm a passionate proponent
Of the need for me to have free speech
And you know I'm gonna block you
If you ever dare to disagree
Then I will shame you on the torrents
And declaim you in the comments
You can't handle the truth
Got a Facebook manifesto
And a hundred Tripadvisor Reviews

If you hear a distant rumbling
Please don't be afraid
It's just the sound of the establishment
Starting to shake
If I even had a television
I expect I'd see a vision
Of a Mainstream Media Man
Shaking in his boots because he's heard
I've gone and formed a band - that's right
All the kids are gonna listen
To a singer in an indie band

Facebook Manifesto
It's an open mic set, so
I don't take requests, no
Facebook Manifesto

Facebook Manifesto
I got no regrets, yo
I'm gonna play Glasto
Facebook manifesto

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

I was watching telly when the first line from this song popped into my head - after that, it would have been rude not to finish it, wouldn't it?

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