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Songs: Don't Want To Get Out Of Bed (not just yet)

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I feel fat frazzled and ugly. My mind feels like it's been dragged backwards through a hedge
I doubt that I have ever looked less lovely. A herd of moose have taken root in my head, and I don't want to get out of bed.
Not just yet.
If you want to kill me now I'll surrender. I make Godzilla in a greenhouse look like Fred Astair.
I know there's something that I ought to remember - it's something that I did or said. And I don't want to get out of bed.
Not just yet.
But I'll have to get the bus to get to work though I'd rather go in a hearse.
Things have really got to get much better, they really can't get much worse.
Or so I thought until I saw the last verse.
And sure enough, as I ascend to the top floor, the twat whose flat the bash was at is sat there glaring at me.
I groped his girlfriend, stole his goldfish, broke his front door. And now I really wish I was dead. I wish I hadn't got out of bed.
Not just yet.

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This one was going to be BLOODY MISERABLE, but I cheered up and couldn't bring myself to do it, so it's based on my experiences... no, I mean OTHER PEOPLE'S experiences (that's better) of waking up after a Big Night Out and getting the dreadful feeling that you've done something awful, but can't remember what. The particular one I was thinking of involved lots of vodka, an after-hours bar, a friend of a friend, a pizza, a dream about a pint glass falling into a well, and a mixture of faeces and broken glass. It's a long story.

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