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Songs: Cyborg Blues

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Being part man part machine is a total pain
I have to install updates fifteen times a day
I thought being enhanced with tech would make my life a doddle
But I've done more reboots than a Doc Martens model

It's rubbish being Robocop
The Borg Collective's poo
My go go Gadget mojo's gone
I've got the cyborg blues

My girlfriend's made by Macintosh which you might think is cool
But our software versions vary so we're incompatible
Robots won't accept me, humans think I'm weird
I'm like a Father Christmas with a moustache but no beard

I'm sick of being Cyberman
I'm bored of Terminator Two
Like a Six million dollar man from pound shop
I've got the cyborg blues

But I won't be alone for long
The way that things are going you'll soon all be singing this song
Google glasses, running blades, lab grown livers too
Be careful what you sign up for
You'll get the cyborg blues

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

If you're going to write some songs for a SKETCH show you've pretty much GOT to include one that is some kind of "blues", right? This isn't actually BLUES tunewise, but it does sort of fit the subject matter, and WAS written for a sketch show.

For LO! this was the THIRD song, after a href=>The Last Homo Sapien and When They Landed that I wrote to submit to Matt Lucas's "2525" show. As with the others I started off with a fairly daft idea but then THORT about it quite a lot and went from there. The hardest bit was trying to think of famous cyborgs - I thought there'd be LOADS but after Arnie, The Borg and Cybermen it gets a bit difficult!

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