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Songs: Crying

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I have known you too long not to know when you're lying. I can see right through you so there's no point in trying. Tell me the truth - what has he done to you? I can see from your eyes that you've been crying.
I saw him this morning with some girl. She was wearing your sweater. He looked really guilty then swore blind that he'd never met her. She wasn't the first, and she wasn't the worst - how long will it take you to see you should do better?
Or maybe you know, maybe you don't care - maybe you see things in him that others don't see. Maybe there's things that you see in him that you never saw in me.
You have known me too long not to know when i'm lying. You can see right through me, so why bother trying? I'll tell you the truth. I've fallen in love with you. Can you see from my eyes that i've been crying?

Published by Wipe Out Music Publishing

This song isn't about anyone in particular, but bits of it are based on bits of other things. I don't know, i guess i must have been taking a soppy break the day i wrote this, what with me usually being such a hard man and everything.

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