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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: The Least Bad Bits

Releases With Other Bands: The Least Bad Bits

Strictly speaking this isn't a proper Masters Of Nothing tape at all. I made it just after I'd gone to Leicester Poly, and put on several songs that I'd written and recorded on my own. I think I might have intended to use them if The Masters Of Nothing got back together again during the summer holidays, but we never did. The live tracks were all from our gig at The Gaslight Club in Peterborough on my 18th birthday - I wish I had the original tape of the whole gig, but I seem to have lost it.

My Mum's Got A Washing Machine (live)
Decapitated Blues (live)
We're All Signing On
Gerry Anderson (live)
We Are The Fishmen
Baby Don't Leave Me (live)
Smith's Song
Daytime TV
Vote Robin Hare
Blokes (live)
Rather Spooky
My Clone's Got B.O.
My Generation
Revolution 180

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