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MJ Hibbett & The Validators: Born With The Century

EP/Singles: Born With The Century

The Validators' debut single - this is where it all began! Only a few copies of this 7" left, so nip in quick if you'd like one!

This single was the start of The Validators - I asked Messrs Pattison and Machine to help me record Born With The Century, my favourite song from the Home Taping Is Killing Music cassette, and we had so much fun we carried on. Another True Story was also on that tape, and was put on this single at the insistence of my then-girlfriend, who was MOST annoyed that it wasn't the lead track. Billy Jones Is Dead, meanwhile, is a different version from the one on Shed Anthems, in that it's only got the three of us playing and it isn't quite as good.

Born With The Century
Another True Story
Billy Jones Is Dead

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