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The Last Working Day Of The Month: Issue 1

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(MJ Hibbett & The Validators FACT, February 28th 2005 )

Hello, Hibbett here! This is a new thing I'm trying out, it's a Newsletter - I'm going to try and send one of these out at the end of every month, as a more Efficient way of letting everyone know about gigs and stuff than my current MODUS OPERANDI i.e. forgetting about it until the day before anything happens.

If you DON'T want to get this then please do let me know, otherwise let's get going, with GIGS!


This month I shall be playing the following places:

Wednesday 2nd March - Cork City, An Bróg Bar (with The Chalets)
Thursday 3rd March - Dublin, Slattery's (with Gavin Glass)
Saturday 5th March - Sheffield, Tapton Music Festival (at Tapton Halls Of Residence)

Yes, Dublin and Cork in IRELAND - my first INTERNATIONAL gigs!!


We played with Half Man Half Biscuit in Nottingham a few weeks ago, it was GRATE, what lovely people they are. I played with the ALSO very lovely Fighting Cocks last week too in Islington, everything ran a bit late but the company was DELIGHTFUL. Right at the start of the month me and Tom did a LOVELY gig in Hull and The Validators played in Leeds too. We got DRUNK, it was BRILLIANT!


"Warriors Of Nanpantan" is gently flowing from the SHOP ( and indeed the SECRET SHOP ( until the end of this month), and everybody so far seems to quite like it. This month we're going to finish off the first batch of demoes for the NEXT album - WHOO!


We did a radio session in HULL at the start of March for BBC Humberside, Sheffield, York and Leeds, which was a) SCARY b) FUN c) TERRIFYING, and we've got a CD of it which sounds RATHER GOOD though i say so myself as shouldn't. Meanwhile if you want to hear tracks from "Warriors Of Nanpantan" you could always go to Kooba Radio ( and listen to Claire Dickinson's ACE show, where she plays THREE songs. Steve Lamacq has played a couple of songs on his Sunday Afternoon show on 6Music, and if you hurry over to the Listen Again page for documentaries ( you can hear a chunk of "Another True Story" as part of the "Sounds Of The City" documentary about Leicester. They didn't use my interview, but they DID say I was Legendary, so THAT'S OK! I've also recorded a session for when I go to Ireland, and I'll hopefully get some of it on the website when I get back.


I'm busily trying to finish off some new songs at the moment, ready for the band to start learning them up NEXT month. I'm also trying to finish off one I CO-WROTE with Rob Manuel, Ginger Fuhrer of B3TA, which is so far sounding quite groovy. We're still planning to RECORD the new stuff in the summer, and then we MAY go looking for someone ELSE (i.e. outside of AAS) to help us release them, so if you KNOW of a nice label who'd like to release something by us, do let me know. Finally, has just GONE LIVE (as we say in WEB-SPEAK). There's nothing much there right now, but soon (ish), there WILL be!

Thanks for listening, more news (and not news) on the webpage and more FACT next month!



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