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Millstone Lane
0116 255 1228

Here's all the gigs that we have logged at this venue. Click on the date for further details.

Sunday 2 September 2001
Validators Full Band Set Venue spends 90 minutes setting up the PA, we play a set of completely new material, all from 'This Is Not A Library'.

Monday 10 June 2002
Validators Full Band Set The tossers who used to run this place locked the doors and let a punk band practice downstairs, but it was still a nice night. Frankie Machine played too!

Monday 20 October 2003
Validators Full Band Set Final gig of the mini-tour with Being 747. We did an encore, but had to ask for it!

Monday 30 May 2005
Retribution all-dayer

Sunday 16 October 2005
Validators Full Band Set The First International Horsefair, with Thomas Traux, Misterlee, The Chemistry Experiment and more - onstage 6pm

Friday 24 February 2006
Validators Full Band Set The first ever SELLOUT at The Firebug, due rather more to the fact that 7 Seconds Of Love were headlining than anything we'd done. They SKANKED so hard that the CEILING shook!

Tuesday 25 July 2006
Validators Full Band Set With The Fighting Cocks, Famous Ted and Grace Petrie - a big line-up! I broke my guitar strap through JUMPING AROUND too much, and we all (except for Frankie, who wasn't drinking) had a MARVELLOUS time.

Sunday 27 May 2007
A TON of new stuff on a rainy evening.

Friday 17 August 2007
Lovely evening in Firebug for Glynfest.

Friday 22 February 2008
Supporting Neck at Steve McHaggis's Birthday do

Thursday 22 May 2008
Validators Full Band Set The Leicester leg of the single tour, with The Mai 68s and Phil Wilson

Thursday 23 July 2009
Indietracks warm-up, with The Crookes and Rose Elinor Dougall .

Sunday 25 October 2009
Validators Full Band Set Very enjoyable 80% Validators gig as part of Oxjam.

Saturday 24 March 2012
Validators Full Band Set The Leicester Indiepop All-dayer, with This Many Boyfriends, The Sweet Nothings, Anguish Sandwich, August Actually, The Sunbathers and more. Kick-off is 3pm.
Tickets here:

Friday 2 May 2014
Validators Full Band Set The Validators support Grace Petrie at the Handmade Festival.

Friday 22 July 2016
Validators Full Band Set Supporting PO!!!!!! Tickets HERE:

Saturday 24 February 2018
Validators Full Band Set The Leicester Indiepop All-Dayer, with Steven James Adams & The French Drops, Personal Best, Suggested Friends, Fightmilk, Charmpit and Jitterz. Tickets HERE:

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