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Physio & Firkin

19 Aylestone Rd
0116 255 0923

Here's all the gigs that we have logged at this venue. Click on the date for further details.

Tuesday 25 July 1995
The K-Stars play with Heck, The Council and The Flagrant Poles

Thursday 3 August 1995
The Council with Brian & The Teenagers and Gnarf?

Friday 11 August 1995
with Serving Suggestion

Thursday 25 January 1996
with Lazarus Clamp and Wrinkly Pink Catsuits

Thursday 20 June 1996
The Council play with Ludd Gang

Thursday 19 June 1997

Monday 0 June 1997
The Council

Friday 19 September 1997
The Fabiens' first gig, with Novak and The Freed Unit

Friday 3 October 1997
With John Sims and The Family Way - didn't get as drunk as the previous occasion, did play 'Carol & The Mandolin' for the first time.

Wednesday 12 November 1997
The night AAS began - me and Sienna played but nobody came, and shortly after that we decided to start a label together.

Saturday 20 December 1997
The Fortuna Pop! Christmas party.

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