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Pump & Tap

Here's all the gigs that we have logged at this venue. Click on the date for further details.

Monday 31 August 1992

Tuesday 8 December 1992
Voon playing with Monica's Uncle.

Thursday 12 August 1993
This might have been Chris's first Voon gig.

Saturday 23 October 1993
Voon gig with Christmas - the poster is the one of the man GLOWERING at a mountain!

Friday 12 August 1994
The day after Voon's "final" gig The Council play their first!

Friday 27 January 1995
Ernie & Joe - the gig where girls in silver dresses danced to us!

Thursday 27 March 1997

Friday 11 July 1997

Tuesday 13 July 1999
Supporting Saloon and Lazer Guided.

Saturday 2 October 1999
Me and Tim ended up doing this as nobody else could come, so we made up for it afterwards by getting pissed up and shouting about things.

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