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261 Brixton Road
020 7274 5537

Here's all the gigs that we have logged at this venue. Click on the date for further details.

Friday 2 April 1993

Friday 24 October 2003
A Kooba night - I had to work hard to get the audience on-side, but it worked in the end. This night saw the debut of my solo set DANCING!

Thursday 30 November 2006
A short set at Vic Lambrusco's Cabaret Hour supporting Simon Donald (from Viz!), where I did My Boss Was In An Indie Band Once for the first time.

Thursday 29 March 2007
Another night at Vic Lambruscco's Cabaret Hour, this time playing with Nathan Penlington.

Thursday 29 November 2007
Back at Vic Lambrusco's Cabaret Hour

Thursday 8 May 2008
Offline night with Gin Riots and The Boycott Coca-Cola Experience

Thursday 22 October 2009
How Does It Feel Presents, with Tender Trap, Leaving Mornington Crescent and Hissing At Swans (feat. T Pattison on drums!)

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