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Upstairs At The Garage

20/22 Highbury corner
N5 1RD
020 7607 1818

Here's all the gigs that we have logged at this venue. Click on the date for further details.

Tuesday 16 September 1997
With John Sims and The Family Way. I got drunk and left my guitar behind.

Thursday 4 June 1998
With Mark 700 and a cast of thousands (ish) onstage for 'The Fair Play Trophy' (again)

Monday 27 July 1998
No idea what happened at this gig - it is recorded as due to happen in the AAS minutes, but that is all I know.

Thursday 1 October 1998
An AAS Showcase night with Johnny Domino, Stumble, and Lazer Guided where I did an interview with Canterbury Student Radio and later had an argument with a journalist (Mr B Clancy) about who was the better Belle & Sebastian fan.

Wednesday 20 January 1999
Originally I thought this gig was at The Bull & Gate, because the note for this gig said "A good night, after which I gave Steve Lamacq a demo tape. I bet that'd never happened to him before", and I distinctly remember doing that there. HOWEVER research some twenty years later by Mr FA Machine revealed a RECIEPT for payment for this gig Upstairs At The Garage, and a few months later Ms R Delgado posted a picture of the actual flyer, so this was definitely where it happened. I think I also seperately gave Steve Lamacq a tape after a John Sims gig at The Bull & Gate, hence the confusion!

Friday 19 January 2001
With some Spanish Bloke whose friends talked all the way through my gig, very loudly, then went round telling everybody else to 'SHH!' when he was on.

Friday 1 August 2003
I spent the afternoon at BBC 6 Music, and was a bit WEAKENED by the time I got to the gig, and didn't manage to control the heckling.

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