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The Charlotte

8 Oxford Street
0116 255 3956

Here's all the gigs that we have logged at this venue. Click on the date for further details.

Sunday 6 September 1992
Voon play a free "Local Showcase" with Throb.

Saturday 19 September 1992
Voon play an all-dayer with Karen D'Ache, Submariner, Cymbalines, Ugly Music Show, Company for Henry, Satan's Beaver, Ash Factory and Colorcrash.

Friday 23 October 1992
Voon support John Otway!

Saturday 7 November 1992

Monday 18 January 1993

Thursday 11 March 1993
VOON - Simon out of prison?

Wednesday 0 March 1993

Sunday 29 August 1993
With Thyroid Speakers

Monday 30 August 1993

Thursday 0 September 1993

Thursday 12 May 1994
Voon and Ashfactory support Prolapse!

Tuesday 9 August 1994
Zachary's birthday gig, featuring my version of Chris's song 'Alternative', also 'Boom Shake The Room', both by request.

Wednesday 12 October 1994
The Charlotte All-Dayer!

Wednesday 16 November 1994

Tuesday 6 December 1994
The Council supporting Prolapse.

Saturday 10 December 1994
The Council at a Charlotte all-dayer.

Monday 20 February 1995
The K-Stars play with Kookie Monster, The Council and Dymasan

Monday 20 February 1995

Thursday 10 August 1995
Supporting The Melons

Wednesday 4 December 1996
The big reunion gig, supporting Speedy and Posh. This was meant to be a big night full of old songs and fans singing along, to launch The Curse Of Voon but, of course, hardly anybody came.

Tuesday 14 January 1997
Voon decide to stay reunited, in the face of massive apathy!

Saturday 22 March 1997
VOON and also The Council apparently - no idea how this happened, but it was at a Sorted Records All-Dayer.

Saturday 5 April 1997
Voon support John Otway.

Friday 13 June 1997

Wednesday 30 July 1997
Voon play the launch night for the Brain Cakes EP.

Sunday 12 September 1999
Validators Full Band Set Early appearance of 80% of the Classic Vlads Line-Up as me, Tom, Tim and Rob play some quiet songs upstairs during a Sorted All-Dayer.

Tuesday 21 March 2000
Validators Full Band Set With Johnny Domino on the Players With Words tour.

Thursday 11 May 2000
Validators Full Band Set Supporting Half Man Half Biscuit AGAIN! This time we learned up 'Quality Janitor', and the audience liked us a bit more.

Monday 6 November 2000
Supporting Martin Carr - we both played 'Lazarus'! For more details, see On The Road On Broken Rails.

Wednesday 29 November 2000
One-off Voon Reunion for Dave Dixey's 40th Birthday (setlist courtesy of Dave Dixey's cupboard clearout on Facebook!)

Friday 29 June 2001
I played solo with Rob's JAGUAR and a drunk man tried to have a chat with me while I was trying to sing.

Saturday 15 June 2002
Validators Full Band Set Supporting Zodiac Mindwarp - we DIED this night, frankly, tho Mr Reverb was GRATE and hilariously Zodiac got stuck behind a fire door and had to shout to be let back in for his encore.

Thursday 6 October 2005
Validators Full Band Set The Sorted Records extravaganza, with Chapter 24, Flying Ant Day, Don's Mobile Barbers and more - onstage 10.15pm

Thursday 5 April 2007
Validators Full Band Set A very last minute change of venue and change of time meant all sorts of problems.

Thursday 13 November 2008
Validators Full Band Set A young lad's dream comes true as Tim plays with Half Man Half Biscuit.

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