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Blog: The Exciting News

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Right then, looks like we're confirmed now, so here's that EXCITING NEWS i mentioned yesterday - on Monday July 17th we're going to be playing a LIVE SESSION on Mr Steve Lamacq's show on RADIO ONE!

Mr Lamacq rang yesterday to talk about it, we're going to be doing three songs one of which (he DEMANDED) must be The Lesson Of The Smiths (which was an odd coincidence as only the night before Mr F Machine had produced a RADIO EDIT of that song, without CUSS WORDS, for possible use as The Next Single), and we're going to be doing it at famous MAIDA VALE studio.

It's all worked out rather brilliantly TIMING WISE too I must say - we've got two whole gigs between now and them to get LIMBERED UP for it, and hopefully it'll also ALERT people to the fact that the tour proper starts a few days after it goes out. Also, of course, it means we get to go and record a session at MAIDA VALE - AMBITION ACHIEVED!

I must say we're really quite excited about it! WAHEY!

posted 5/7/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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