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It's really WEIRD at the moment with The Album and all that - we've been SO VERY ORGANISED about it this time around that pretty much everything that needs doing has been DONE, and it's STILL not Officially Released yet! I find myself thinking "Nobody has told me whether they like it or not - ARGH! PARANOID FEAR ATTACK!" then realising that this MAY be because nobody's really had much chance to GET it yet. It's ODD.

But things are gently on the rise as we move ever closer to the start of the tour (Thursday!) and the Final Actual Release Date At Last (Monday!). I was THRILLED to get the latest edition of the Bull & Gate gig listings newsletter at the weekend, and find I'd made it to the Front Cover! YEAH! I've been getting these since roughly The Dawn of ROCK (about 1994, in my case) so that was VERY exciting.

ALSO today I see that we're listed on the front cover of this month's Sandman Magazine - ZANG! I did an interview with them a while ago, so that should be in there hopefully with a REVIEW - of the album, that is, not my interview. I'll get a copy on Thursday when we're in Sheffield, i am also VERY excited about it.

And then there's this OTHER bit of VERY VERY EXCITING NEW INDEED that I can't really tell you about yet, just in case it doesn't happen. It almost definitely WILL happen - i have indeed just spoken to the man HIMSELF, whose idea it was, so it is almost entirely definite - but I'll await the email confirming it before i GO KRAZY about it, but it is one of those LIFELONG DREAMS (ROCK): FULFILLED!


posted 4/7/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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Thanks for the mention in the "Halls of Validation" email, and in the blog. All I can say is that it's a very small world. I'm still trying to round up the troops for the Brixton Windmill gig.

I can tell you that I like the new album, if one vote can help you get over the "PARANOID FEAR ATTACK".
I recently had an orgy of listening to all the various CDs of yours I have. However, I'm just going to spend the rest of this hot evening listening to my John Sims album, which Amazon finally delivered.
posted 4/7/2006 by Jon Pennycook

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