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Blog: Meeting The Press (Lady)

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It's non-stop round here at the moment - last night after I strolled into King's Cross to meet Katherine, who is going to be doing our PRESS for us. I was MOST pleased to be getting it all sorted out as I hate doing the Print Media side of things and we'd spent ages trying to find someone from outside to do it for us.

Katherine, however, is NOT from "Outside" as is very MUCH part of TEAM VALIDATOR. Not only was she part of Cambridge University Radio but she also wrote the sleevenotes for The Regular's farewell compilation... oh yes, and Emma is her AUNTIE! More importantly she knows what she's doing, likes the record and is DEAD KEEN, so i am OPTIMISTIC in the EXTREME about it all now. As i say, we did try to find "outsiders" to do this bit for us, but whenever we've tried that in the past it always goes wrong. TEAM VALIDATOR doesn't seem to work very well when it's part of the wheels of commerce, only when it is powered by LOVE and ROCK does it flourish.

So yes, we had a very good meeting - the BEER was delicious - and I knew we were going to WORK well together when BOTH of us got pad and pen out to write down ACTION POINTS! She passed on a load of TIPS for how to make our press release a bit more ROCK PRESS FRIENDLY and between us we developed a STRATEGY for how the whole thing's going to run. I left EVER so excited - this is going to be GRATE!

We move ever closer to readiness - I'm also sending off for BADGES today (more on those another day) and hopefully, maybe, possibly, the albums and singles'll be turning up this week. EXCITING, isn't it? WHOO!

posted 16/5/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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