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My word but it is a FRENETIC WHIRL OF ACTIVITY round my way today, AMPLIFIED by the fact that i suffered a dreadful realisation a few days ago that there was actually some Work Work (as opposed to ROCK Work) that was about to teeter on the verge of urgency fairly soon, which I'd not thought about too much due to the aforesaid ROCK Work. After conferring with The Unique Identifier In My Database Table about it i wrote myself a BIG old To Do List and have been working through... not very exciting, I know, but TRUE.

Anyway, as ever in affairs of ME the added DYNAMISM there fed back into the world of ROCK so I've ALSO been flying around doing THAT too. This lunchtime saw me zipping around Central London by TOOB trying to find some white balloons for the video for "The Gay Train" this weekend, and on the way I was listening to the new album by Lardpony album, "This Is Lardcore".

It's not a word I used often and properly but I shall use it in reference to this one: It is DELIGHTFUL. That's really the best way to describe it - every song has at LEAST one moment in the lyrics where you just have to GRIN, as it's SO lovely OR clever OR witty OR all of the above. The tunes also have been stuck in my head every day for the last week or so, and the whole ENSEMBLE of it is a pretty darn JOYOUS mixture of IMAGINATION and DANCING and excellently crafted slices thoughtful FUN. With GAGS too.

What is it with bands in Derby and being DEAD GOOD and making me like them? I'm thinking especially of Plans & Apologies and Johnny Domino two bands who would be in my Big List Of GRATE Bands even if ... well, even if they hadn't been released on AAS. IT'S TRUE! I'm going to see Lardpony in a few weeks too, and if they're even a SMIDGEON as GRATE live as those two bands, it is going to be one HECK of a good night out.

And hey! They're on tour soon too - go see them! It'll probably be really good!

posted 10/5/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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