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It's funny, sometimes you go WEEKS without any GIGS coming in, and then suddenly THREE arrive at once! The gig in Cambridge with Colonel Bastard has now been rescheduled for July 8th, I'm playing with Winston Echo and The Retro Spankees on May 26th at The Buffalo Bar, and I'm now playing in the afternoon at the Fuzzclub BBQ in Sheffield on May 1st. I am EXTREMELY pleased about this latter one - I have played EVERY all-dayer they've had at the Student Union for the past few years (there will come a time when knowing the audience participation bit for "Easily Impressed" is a condition for graduation) so was UPSET to realise that I was already BOOKED that day in Leicester, so wouldn't be able to do it. However, both Penny (in Sheffield) and Dr Neil (in Leicester) have been very pleasant about it and now I am playing BOTH, Sheffield in the afternoon and Leicester in the evening. It will be a BANK HOLIDAY OF ROCK!

All details, as ever, are on the GIGS page. Whilst researching some DETAILS I also came across this review of last year's fuzztival. It doesn't mention me actually playing, but does report that Eddie from Art Brut claimed to be ME at the end of their set! I wonder if that actually happened? If so - COR! I mean, that's pretty GRATE isn't it? I was quite excited about that!

posted 23/2/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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good evening mark j h, im standing here at the ground floor firefly bar, wap phone in hand (an uber qoled if ever i saw one, after the laptop pc) kicking myself for having such a time-taxing job, being weak enough for wanting even a quick dinner, and being thick enough to unload everything from the motor immediately at the temporary leics digs before grabbing a ride to the centre - meaning i utterly missed yours + the validators set, coming in halfway thru NYSH. doh. hope it all went well, did brush by a couple times but only when loud stuff was going on so didnt have chance to say a quick hello or inquire! (and you all seemed to vanish very quickly, guess you have southern homes to go to now!) to this end i think i shall definately have to participate in the bank holiday of rock to atone... especially as leics or at least firefly/bug has become an instant fave, what an atmosphere! at least got to skank it up with the simple, crowd pleasing but irresistably fun vibes of 7sol... best wishes, mp/tah
posted 25/2/2006 by Tahrey

Never been to Sheffs but I think I might have to take a train ride up ... either that or come over and bother my dad for rides into & back out of leicester from his rural bungalow (apparently taxi fares can approach
posted 26/2/2006 by Tahrey

doh, disregard that, I just spotted the "must be approved by blog owner" thing. ballsed it up twice in one weekend ;) bodes well for the week ahead
posted 26/2/2006 by tahrey

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