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Blog: Exciting Stock Update

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Phew! As if all those tables weren't THRILL POWERED enough, here's an update on the STOCK situation - maybe you should sit down before reading on...

News has recently come in from The Attic Of Frankie Machine that there are a few more copies of "Milk & Baubles" left, so it is now BACK BACK BACK in The Shop. However, and not related to Francis Albert's Voyage Into Loft Space, we have now SOLD OUT completely of "This Is Not A Library". Lofts have been checked, beds have been looked under, and even Gig Bags have been rifled through, but there are now officially NO copies left for sale.

I must say, I am quite saddened by this news - it's nice to know so many people have COPIES of it out there, but I wish we had a few more as i REALLY like it and enjoy handing copies out. There's always a chance of a reissue, I guess, if things go well with the next album, but for the time being that's a set of songs that it'll be difficult for anybody new to hear. We're investigating iTunes and all that, in which case it'll be available once more, but until then, if you've got a copy, hold onto it!

posted 16/2/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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Powered only by rock, a few packs of CDRs, a 48x burner and a colour combi scan-printer thing (plus some prepaid postage) i could ghetto-dupe you a fifty or three of TINAL from my existing copy... breaks the day up...
posted 26/2/2006 by mp

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