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Blog: TABLE 10: Sales at Gigs (adjusted)

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OOh yes, this IS quite a bit more interesting - this is the table of the same cities, ordered by AVERAGE sales PER GIG. Let's FACT!
City (Gigs)
1 Manchester (1)
2 Hull (5)
3 Glasgow (2)
4 Sheffield (9)
5 Cork (1)
6 Nottingham (4)
7 Winchester (3)
8 Northampton (1)
9 Cambridge (2)
10 Leicester (9)
11= Edinburgh (1)
11= Leeds (5)
11= Ipswich (1)
14 Derby (4)
15 London (36)
16 Peterborough (2)
17 Brighton (5)
18 Birmingham (4)
19 Motherwell (1)

Now THAT'S informative! As stated earlier, Manchester wins EASILY due to the nature of the gig I played there, but just look at Hull go! And GOR BLIMEY, Glasgow isn't far behind - i must surely return there. Poor old London sinks low, but who'd've thought that NOTTINGHAM could be so keen? Not me, that's for sure.

Clearly the lesson of all this is that, once I've booked myself a gig in Glasgow I should really try and get some in Glasgow and Nottingham too. Telephone, HO!

posted 14/2/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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