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Blog: TABLE 9: Sales at Gigs (unadjusted)

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This table shows the Top 19 Cities for Sales Actually At Gigs. There's 19 cities because I've only managed to sell things in these particular cities, according to my records. I only started keeping these records in July 2003, however, so some places will be missed out, and obviously some places have had more gigs than others, but that'll be adjusted for in the NEXT table. For now, however, witness the SHEER RAW FACTS:
1 Hull
2 London
3 Sheffield
4 Manchester
5 Leicester
6 Glasgow
7 Nottingham
8 Winchester
9 Leeds
10 Derby
11 Brighton
12 Cork
13= Birmingham
13= Cambridge
15= Northampton
15= Peterborough
17 Edinburgh
17= Ipswich
19 Motherwell

Hull is WAY ahead of London, by almost 100% - they like their product bought IN THE FLESH up on the Humber! Manchester comes VERY high up the list, even though I've hardly ever played there, because the last time we DID was when we took the Hey Hey 16K t-shirts to the retrovision convention. Aaah! That was a fine evening! Next up is the table where these figures get ADJUSTED for the number of gigs played in these places, which ought to be EVEN MORE fascinating!

posted 14/2/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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