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Blog: TABLE 7: Online Sales By City

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Today's first table shows the top 20 most excitable cities in the UK for buying our stuff online.
1 London
2 Ipswich
3 Sheffield
4 Leicester
5 Glasgow
6 Kingston Upon Thames
7 Birmingham
8 Nottingham
9 Leeds
10 Stoke-on-Trent
11 Warrington
12 Motherwell
13 Guildford
14 St Albans
15 Blackburn
16 Liverpool
17 Walsall
18 Milton Keynes
19 Edinburgh Fife
20= Coventry
20= Derby

Please note that this is JUST UK cities and JUST online sales - sales at gigs and in other nations will be coming later. No VAST surprises here, especially as I know who some of the people are who are very nicely BOOSTING the figures for certain cities, but it does make me think there are some places I really ought to play more often - especially Ipswich. To me, my telephone!

posted 14/2/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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