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Blog: Today I Am In A GOOD MOOD

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Little did I know as I eulogised the tube yesterday that I was about to be THROWN into CHAOS by that selfsame transport system! I've always thought media coverage of London Things was MADLY over the top (if all the buses in Birmingham got cancelled, for instance, I very much doubt we'd get this much coverage), and today I was Mildly Surprised to find that the much trumpetted MADNESS of INCONVENIENCE seemed to involved, well, people going in a bit later. Personally I had a LOVELY time - got the Silverlink a bit later than usual, got a seat all the way in, and STROLLED down Tottenham Court Road without a care in the world. Aah me, what a joy it is to be alive!

GOOD MOOD has also been helped by a very very relaxing weekend in which myself and the Heat Applied To My Popcorn moved some furniture, went to see "Chicago" at the pictures (i really liked it...) and had three tons of KIP. ALSO there was some piddling about with JavaScript to make a database/switchboard thing which a) will be part of this site's redesign but mostly b) I have been looking at all day with GLEE. This sort of programming stuff is utterly ACE - you get to think of an IDEA, try and make it WORK, and then piss around with it for ages thinking "Cool! I did this!" And it's FREE!

The only trouble with such a good mood is the NERVOUS FEELING that something make cock it up at any moment...
posted 27/1/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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