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Blog: Plans For This Evening

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I've had quite a bit of EMAIL about tonight's gig at Chicken Royale (PUSH, 93 Dean Street, That London), largely because the flyer says "8.30-01.30", which seems to have caused GENERAL PANIC with the idea of a LATE NIGHT. I say unto thee, FEAR NOT! For LO! The Fighting Cocks are on at 9.30pm, and then I'm on at 10 o'clock. I share you pain though, when Charlie from The Fighting Cocks told me about it i was filled with DREAD at the prospect of being up so late.

I find it reassuring to find that The Fanbase is so similarly minded. A Mr Hewitt of London Town suggests that I should have AGE on The Rock Database so as to gauge the causes of this behaviour. If only!

And for those who are not in That London tonight, might I recommend a listen to this week's Johnny Yeah Show on Kooba Radio? It's all very jolly as ever, and this week features ZIPCODES by ME, and a Fascinating FACT of STATS.

Talking of which, more to come soon!

posted 8/2/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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