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Blog: Cor, myspace, eh?

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It's quite good, this myspace thing, isn't it? Yes, i KNOW it is pretty much The Internet Made Easy, but HEY! What is The Wrongness with that then? I've just had a lunchtime FLIT from page to page and found that there's LOADS of people what i know out there ON it. Oddly, they does seem to be one MARKED similarlity between most of them i.e. they are the YOUNGER people i know, but still! Hey! Me and Johnny Domino, WE'RE both on it. I like to think of us a a bunch of comedy uncles lurking by the bar in the church hall disco, a-RUMINATING.

I didn't mention yesterday, but on MY Myspace I've put up half of the Milk & Baubles EP, as it's so very SOLD OUT now. It's the first time I've listened to it in AGES, and it actually sounds QUite Good, i think. See what you reckon anyway. Personally I am looking for a copy of Shed Anthems to listen to, as I haven't listened to THAT for yonks either and I've just got to the bit in the MEMOIRS PLAN where we released it, and it all sounds TERRIBLY exciting!

posted 19/1/2006 by MJ Hibbett

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...they are the YOUNGER people i know, but still! Hey! Me and Johnny Domino, WE'RE both on it.


's fair enuff, really...
posted 19/1/2006 by stevedomino

Was just hearing about the success of MySpace on the radio this morning... you must be proud to be part of the growing empire:

I'm now getting confused when you write things like "Mr Murdoch was very nice indeed"...
posted 23/1/2006 by Dan

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