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It's WEIRD this - having spent the past two or three weeks doing A Song A Day, annotations and/or lyrics, i feel quite DEFLATED not to have it to do anymore. STILL, there's going to be some more to do in the very near future, as we're (hopefully) putting out a compilation to celebrate the fifth anniversary of AAS! I'm going to try writing a sort of SLEEVENOTE thing in the same style as "The Curse Of Voon", doing a big chunk of FACT for each release, or maybe for each Catalogue Number, I'm not sure yet. I did sit myself down and write a LOT of FACT about a year ago on a similar subject, but I'm going to have to edit it pretty carefully before anyone can see it... it was written in what we might politely call a "fit of enthusiasm", and is a little "straightforward" in some of it's speaking. The only people who've seen it are Mat and Rob, and they GOGGLED a little at some of the "language", and ROCK and HARD though I am it is not my mission to go around upsetting people.

So yeah, that'll be coming soon - watch the SKIES, kids!

posted 24/4/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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