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Blog: Back To Work

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Afternoon all, and hope you had a DELICIOUS weekend. I certainly did, and as well as seeing Paul McCartney (GRATE!) and doing a gig (LESS GRATE) i BEAVERED away at many things. The album is sort-of half MASTERED now (i.e. I've had a go at mastering songs 1-9, the GAPS are sounding ACE, the rest of it needs another attempt), I've built the SAMPLER for people to download preview tracks, and I've very nearly finished off the Futuristic Multimedia Aspect of the CD. You can see some of those LABOURS by visiting the Annotations section, now with ALL songs from the new album DONE, and check the GIGS sections for details of some past and present LIVE ACTION.

We move forward, dear friends, towards a new dawn of Things Actually Happening!

posted 23/4/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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