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Blog: Brett, No!

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Today I've been listening to "Bring It Back" by McAlmont & Butler. What a GRATE record that is - i mean, it was NICE to have "The Tears", if only for a gentle reminder of how ACE Suede used to be and also for a WARM GLOW from thinking that - hey! - people CAN make up and be nice to each other, but AT WHAT PRICE eh? AT WHAT PRICE?

With all due respect "The Tears" are a bit predictable and, well, dull, whereas BOTH McAlmont & Butler albums are UTTERLY BRILLIANT, possibly the LOUDEST records ever recorded... and apparently they made a THIRD album which will now never be released! It's NOT FAIR! I WANT IT!!

In other news, just CONFIRMED a return for The Validators to SHEFFIELD in the New Year - details on the GIGS page. HOORAH!

posted 11/11/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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there must be something up with my ears, I've been completely unable to hear any guitar on any mcalmont and butler. I don't really like them (only got the one album) and I don't like
The Tears either. Rah, today I am wearing an Suede t-shirt though!
posted 16/11/2005 by Pauly

there is obviously something up with your ears? listen to Bring It Back it's gots loads of ace guitar on it!
posted 17/11/2005 by nic

why did I put a question mark there? that wasn't a question.
posted 17/11/2005 by nic

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