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Blog: My Rule Of Beer

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Mmmm, last night i went to THE PUB and drank lots of my New Favourite Beer: Fuller's Honeydew. It's ORGANIC baby, that means it's practically HEALTH FOOD. It's bloody delicious anyway, i highly recommend it. I have hardly any hangover too (as I loudly PREDICTED when I got home), although I am feeling rather LETHARGIC, although this could be more due to the fact that it's the fantastic University Easter Shutdown in a couple of days...

THUS there's no new annotations today. There will be LOADS of stuff done this evening, including, hopefully, at least one more song DONE, but to make up for this OMISSION, I give you My Rule Of Beer:

Choose your beer by its NAME, and it's name ALONE. ONLY buy beer if its name includes words such as "Golden", "Harvest", "Summer", Wheat", "Honey", "Sunshine", things like that. NEVER drink anything that is prefixed by "Old", or seems to be making light of horrible events e.g. "Old Fart", "Sick In The Morning", or "Boz's Bonce Blower". ESPECIALLY not "Boz's Bonce Blower". Or, to put it more simply:

Drink The Beer Called Gold
Not The Beer Called Old

ARMED only with this simple rule you will be able to walk into any Real Ale Pub and buy a pint that will actually be NICE, rather than a test of WILLPOWER to keep down, and SAIL through any beer festival you happen to find yourself at. This is my gift to the world.

posted 15/4/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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