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There's some photographs of Friday's gig, taken by the below mentioned Mr Breach, on the Give & Go site, and apparently there'll be a review of the whole SHEBANG written by Kevin The Promoter coming soon. I must say they're rather nice pictures, especially as they feature the results of my recent T-SHIRT SPLURGE: basically, i got fed up of having manky old t-shirts, so brought one from Daily Dinosaur Comics (picture HERE), a FANTASTIC FOUR t-shirt (as worn on Friday, and something i've wanted FORVER) and... er... about 50 Hey Hey 16K t-shirts, which i was able to SHARE. Indeed, if you look down the page at Give & Go you can JUST about see Mr Walker wearing one... if you squint. And use your imagination. It's a nice t-shirt tho, honest!

posted 10/10/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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