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Blog: This Is Not A Library Either

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Before I came to London I had a GRAND DREAM about what it would be like going to work on the tube every morning. I had VISIONS of sitting glued to a book as the morn's first light flooded the carriage, surrounded on all sides by fellow lovers of literature, occasionally finding someone immersed in the same tome with whom I might share a smile or, dare I dream it, an opinion.

However, I go in on the Central Line, so it isn't quite like that... there always are a lot of people reading, but they're all reading their books at a distance of about 5mm balanced on the back of someone's head, and sometimes, if someone Large is in front of you and you're pinned against the wall, it gets too dark. Otherwise though my dream has become reality, and I fully expect WOOD PANELLING to be brought in next time they do a refurbishment. I'd say they'd have a sign saying "NO TALKING", but nobody ever does that in the mornings anyway.
posted 26/1/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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