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Another gig - HOORAH! I will now be appearing in the Winchester Area on the 7th May, in A Pub. Which one, you ask? Why, the one where Ray works! Er... I should be able to get it a bit more precise before the day, but that's what I know for now. Cool huh?

In other news, it's a week to go until my return to the Betsy Trotwood (Easter Saturday, 8.30 prompt), so last night I had a bit of a practice, and had a WHALE of a time BELLOWING out some hits old and new. I have updated the gigs and past gigs bits of this site too, and have a THINGS TO DO: ROCK list of things to do in the Rock Arena, so hopefully by the end of Easter I'll have finished the whole thing AND got the L Christian Lundholm Promotional Campaign completed AND made Suitable Arrangements for the AAS 5th Birthday Celebrations.

News of all these to follow, but for now, why not check today's addition to the Annotations?

posted 11/4/2003 by MJ Hibbett

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