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Blog: Walking Back To Normality

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I tell you what - the tube wasn't half EMPTY on the way in this morning. It was all fine, except Liverpool Street station was closed, so we all VERY MUCH glared into our newspapers on the way through, not wanting to look up, just in case. Otherwise all here feels as normal as ever, which i guess is a GOOD THING. Last night we had a bottle of wine, finally turned off the NEWS and watched "Auf Wiedersehn Pet" on DVD, and it felt GOOD. Personally the whole thing reminded me that there IS a lot of THE LOVE in the world - both mine and The Network On My Mobile spent the day sending answering emails, texts and phone calls as everyone checked that everyone else was all right, and we heard from several people we've not heard from for AGES. It was lovely - we DO live in a HUGE network of Actual Human Beings who all like and/or love each other, and it's times like this that we need to remember that fact.

IN OTHER NEWS and also GETTING BACK TO ROCK, my day at home was used very productively - I've updated The Gallery with some pictures taken by the lovely Jane Torr of our gig at The Bull & Gate. Those strange marks on my knees, they are the SWEATY KNEE STAINS of which i spoke! I've also updated the GIGS page with two MORE gigs, at The 12 Bar Club in London on July 28th, and in Derby at The Vic on August 6th, both of which came through yesterday morning.

I spent most of the rest of the day, when not watching TV AND/OR DRINKING FOR DEMOCRACY, on the computer recording stuff, which cheered me up no end. "Born Yesterday" is now pretty much finished (feat. VAST CHOIRS OF HARMONY, oh yes!) and I'm now doing a REMIX/FIX of "If You Need Loving". There'll be no time for more WORK on it over the weekend, however, as tomorrow we're off to play at Nic & Emma's wedding in Oxford. Full report on Monday, and REMEMBER: have a lovely weekend everyone!

posted 8/7/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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Who is that chap in the middle, wearing a... SHIRT?
posted 11/7/2005 by Dan

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