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There's some EXCITING new features on the site today - I've had a minor re-organisation of some sections, so you should find that the WRITINGS section is now in a vague sort of chronological order (so that the GIG THORTS now run in order). I've moved the old version of the "Past Gigs" bit in here, now called BIRTH OF A LEGEND as it hasn't been updated in over a year, and finally uploaded the QOLED ARTICLE that I wrote for "Get Together" last month. I've ALSO added the NEW version of the PAST GIGS section to the KEYBOARD below, and it now features a list of ALL our gigs going back to September 1997. It goes back that far because that's when I started NOTING gigs for the webpage, if I ever find my old diaries it'll go back further, but it DOES, i think, look Quite Impressive!

Meanwhile, we've had a couple of sudden MEDIA ATAKS, with "Family Wedding 2021" being played on the ACE Claire Dicko show on Kooba Radio, and me getting a NAMECHECK in this month's Well Hung At Dawn column at Rolling Stone online. It's comparing a VERY RUDELY NAMED band to ME, which makes it even BETTER!

And finally, MORE LIVE8: it's very GOOD that David Gilmour is giving his royalties away, but CRIKEY, CALM DOWN everybody! All this BLEATING about bands paying over their "profits" from the event seems, to me, like an easy excuse for people to suddenly get MASSIVELY SELF-RIGHTEOUS and/or have a GO at the event itself. Nobody's forcing anybody to go out and buy more Robbie Williams records, and it's NOT like the money spent is being diverted from charity or anything, and ANYWAY, surely the whole POINT is that it's NOT about Charity in the first place? I wonder, will commerical radio stations will be donating the profits from their ADVERTS broadcast whilst talking about Live 8? Will the newspapers donate THEIRS?

I think perhaps not, so LEAVE IT AAAAHT (NB cockernee VENACK employed due to over-excitement viz. OLYMPIC ANNOUNCEMENT later today - i LIVE in the East End!). If Keane want to give THEIR money to charity then it's a beautiful lovely thing, but FORCING everybody to do so in a fit of ARSINESS rather takes the shine off the MAGIC, doesn't it?

posted 6/7/2005 by MJ Hibbett

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